Pakistan Air Force Computer Based Training

Every organization relies on its employees to understand the organization’s core operations, and their roles and responsibilities within the operations. Infact,an organization has many internal and external stakeholders to whom they impart specialized knowledge through formal and informal training. Much of that training is inconsistent and undocumented.Whether it’s process knowledge, explanation of operational and maintenance procedures, software training or even organization’s policies & procedures;Computer Based Training (CBT) is the most effective and cost-efficient method to impart knowledge. If an organization is developing complex products and spending considerably at giving training support to its clients; Computer Based Training is an ideal support to impart knowledge. A company can develop Interactive Manuals and other training programs based on videos and 3D graphics to minimize the need for support personnel and logistics requirements.We have the expertise to transform your trainings; it could be for an equipment, a process, a software, or even to impart theoretical knowledge. With one time input of experts, a training module can be developed that is available for trainees at their convenient time and location. Kinetech Solutions offers a number of training solutions to supplement and solve your specific training requirements.

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